Kalema was born in Kasongo, Republic of Congo.He arrives in Belgium at the age of 3 months old.
He grows up rocked by the nostalgic songs that his Homesick mother used to sing; and by the Pop songs from the Radio which was always on at his parents home.

At the age of 16 , he begins playing guitar.
Listening to Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Stanley Clarke and Steely Dan.

During a long stay in Congo , he forms his first band with some
Marine guards from the American embassy in Kinshasa.

Back in Belgium , he starts playing with different bands and he
Starts playing his own songs with a band called « Hush & The Twins ».

A few years later , he decides to take break and goes back to
School , to learn music theory.

After these studies , he’s offered to play in the several tropical bars in Brussels , and that’s where he learns to play afro, reggae , Caribbean and Latino music.

Now he’s currently playing with his trio  » Kalema & The Tribe »
Mixing all these different musical influences in High Energy acts.

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